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iNaturalist + Desert Botanical Garden
March 2022 - September 2025

The Leaf Connection is a community engagement art project originally developed in collaboration with Metro Phoenix EcoFlora. This project invites participants to engage with nature and share observations (images) of leaves within the urban desert of metro Phoenix using the social platform iNaturalist.The purpose of this project is to foster community + connection through art and bring awareness to our natural surroundings.

Community observations contribute biodiversity information that helps with local conservation. They also provide inspiration for a vast wall system of clay leaves that I am creating! The leaves will be mapped out to reflect the Phoenix metropolitan area and illustrate the diversity of plants + people in our desert home. The installation is planned for exhibition at the Desert Botanical Garden in Fall 2025.

It's easy to join and participate in the project! Here's how to get started:
1. Download the iNaturalist app on your smartphone or visit www.inaturalist.org.
2. Create an account using your email and an iNaturalist username and password.
3. Join The Leaf Connection Project and start sharing observations on iNaturalist.

Images can be of a singular leaf laying on the sidewalk, or one that is part of a tree or bush-- whatever catches your eye! Tag @marymeyerstudio in the notes section, and I will be sure to see your observation!

If you live in metro Phoenix or you are planning a visit, please join!
For more information visit: The Leaf Connection on iNaturalist
Questions? Don't hesitate to email me: mary@marymeyerstudio.com

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